5th August 2022

Reproductive management of fillies in training

We are delighted to share the article entitled 'Reproductive management of fillies in training' written by Charlie Pinkham for The Owner Breeder magazine. August 2022 Edition.
6th December 2019

Article: Equine Asthma Study

“Development of a nasal epithelial brush model to study equine respiratory disease in the racehorse”
4th October 2019

Article: Bisphosphonates, A Purchasers Guide.

9th September 2019

Article: New Stem Cell Treatments

With 2 new stem cell treatments coming to market recently Rich Bristow discusses the products.  Pinkham Equine are pleased to announce our use of 2 new […]
14th March 2018

Article: The Alborada Well Foal Study

The Alborada Well Foal Study is one of the largest equine projects of its kind investigating the link between gut bacteria and foals’ immune system. Read […]