Thoroughbred Breeding

Our dedicated reproduction vets have spent a significant amount of time working at the top level in the thoroughbred breeding industry both in the UK and Australia. This experience allows us to provide the highest quality stud and reproductive services to our clients.

At Pinkham Equine we have a particular interest in mares that have a poor breeding history and enjoy the challenge of breeding these mares successfully. We are aided by having an in-house laboratory to process swabs, lavages and uterine biopsies to help us investigate sub fertile mares and to guide the best treatments to maximise the chance of a successful pregnancy. In addition, we offer video hysteroscopy – a technique by which allows use to perform a thorough examination of the uterine lining and oviductal papillae, guided biopsies and is used for the laser removal of cysts.

We also carry out sub fertility investigation in stallions and can offer semen collections, semen analysis and ultrasonography of the stallion’s genitalia. We can also advise on the best management practices for sub fertile stallions.

Our aim is to maximise the potential and productivity of your breeding enterprise.

Please contact the office on 01722 741188 or Charlie on 07780 111421 if you have any questions about our thoroughbred breeding services.