Equine Chiropractic

Equine chiropractic focuses on the health and function of joints and muscles, primarily within the spine and pelvic regions but also within the upper and lower limbs, to help achieve and maintain soundness.

In the normal course of ridden and competitive career, the range of motion of a joint may become restricted, resulting in biomechanical dysfunction which has an effect both locally on the joint in question, and also on the neighbouring joints which may have to overcompensate, and the wider nervous system which will receive reduced feedback from joints that are restricted or subluxated (incomplete or partial dislocation of a joint).

Once a subluxated joint is identified via observation and palpation, the subluxation may be addressed by means of a Chiropractic adjustment – a high velocity, low amplitude thrust along the plane of movement of the joint which restores it normal range of motion. This is not a painful procedure and typically no sedation is required.

Equine chiropractic can help any horse to move more freely – the frequency of treatment is dependent upon the level of exercise of an individual horse, with high performance horses typically benefitting from more frequent treatments, whilst leisure horses may only need to be seen once or twice yearly.

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