Onsite Advanced Diagnostics

Onsite Advanced Diagnostics

At Pinkham Equine continue to invest in the best equipment to support or goal of providing excellence in clinical care to your horsesHaving the right equipment is important to us as it helps us to diagnose issues promptly when they arise, and to provide the best treatment plans for your horse.

We can provide all the following services at your stable or on your yard.

Radiography (Fully wireless DR X-ray equipment)

  • Ideal for diagnosing bony issues such as arthritis, fractures or osteochondrosis in youngstock
  • The equipment we have has high resolution caesium plates to best identify any issues
  • Full pre-sales sets of X-rays are available on request

Ultrasound (High quality ultrasound equipment)

  • Ultrasound guided procedures such as liver biopsy or tendon injections
  • Tendon and ligament scanning to assess injuries
  • Thorax scanning to assess for lung disease
  • Abdominal scanning to assess for internal organ disease and gut issues
  • Foetal gender determination

Shockwave Therapy (both radial and focused)

  • Predominantly used for the treatment of ligament injuries such as injuries to the suspensory ligament
  • Also used to treat back problems and sacroiliac disease


  • Gastric ulcers affect many horses both in and out of competition
  • Gastroscopy is important to help us to differentiate the type (squamous vs glandular), their location and the extent of the ulcers so that we can provide the best possible treatment


Our ASA Class 4 laser is a new generation laser which allow a high peak power without the build up of heat.

The laser has a number of useful applications for horses under our care including:

  • As part of a protocol to improve wound healing
  • For tendon and other musculoskeletal injuries
  • For certain skin conditions


We maintain both wireless and larger desktop videoendoscopes

These can be used for:

  • Upper airway investigation
  • Obtaining tracheal washes to investigate lower airway diseases.
  • Presales endoscopy

Please call us on 01722 741188 if you would like to discuss the investigations that we are able to carry out at your yard, without the need to travel your horse.