11th February 2020

Webinar: A Complete Worming Guide and How To Avoid Resistance

Charlie Pinkham talks about worming and parasitic resistance
6th December 2019

Article: Equine Asthma Study

“Development of a nasal epithelial brush model to study equine respiratory disease in the racehorse”
4th October 2019
Performance Horse Work

Article: Bisphosphonates, A Purchasers Guide.

9th September 2019
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Article: New Stem Cell Treatments

With 2 new stem cell treatments coming to market recently Rich Bristow discusses the products.  Pinkham Equine are pleased to announce our use of 2 new […]
12th June 2019

Webinar: Equine Suspensory Desmitis

Discussing proximal suspensory desmitis In our latest webinar, Richard Bristow discusses proximal suspensory desmitis in sports horses. The suspensory ligament originates at the back of the […]