About Reproduction and Stud Services

The team have spent a significant amount of time working in the equine stud industry, both in the UK and Australia. We are therefore able to offer the highest quality stud and reproductive services to our clients.

We can provide advice and services in all breeding methods, whether this is by natural cover or artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

Embryo transfer is becoming increasingly popular among competition breeders. Not only does it allow a mare to continue competing while her full breeding potential is realised, it also enables you to fully explore her genetic potential by crossing with multiple stallions in one season.

Lucy and Charlie have significant experience in Embryo Transfer (ET).

If recipient mares are available we can offer both flushing of embryos and transfer on site. However, if recipient mares are not available we can arrange for the embryo to be transported to an ET centre and transferred into one of their recipients. This makes ET accessible for everyone.

At Pinkham Equine, we have a particular interest in mares that have a poor breeding history and enjoy the challenge of breeding these successfully. Accuracy and attention to detail are essential when breeding a difficult mare, particularly with chilled or frozen semen.

It may be as simple as a change of breeding technique or stallion but may also warrant more advanced investigations.

This may involve taking further samples, swabs or lavages, which we can analyse in our in-house laboratory, or taking uterine biopsies, which enable us to assess the state of the uterus and predict the chance of a successful pregnancy.

We also offer video hysteroscopy in which we pass an endoscope into the uterus allowing a thorough examination of the uterine lining and oviductal papillae as well as guided biopsy and removal of cysts.

Sub-fertility may also be a problem in stallions. We are also able to carry out stallion collections, semen analysis and give stallion fertility advice.

Our aim is to maximise the potential and productivity of your breeding enterprise.

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