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Webinar: Breeding Your Mare

Hello and welcome to our first online webinar, which will take you through the process of breeding your mare. Whether you have a mare that you're thinking of breeding but don't know where to start, whether you have bred foals previously but would like to try out a new technique, or perhaps you have a mare that you aren't sure will be suitable for breeding - this webinar should provide all of the answers you need. We will aim to cover everything you need to know, including mare suitability, the various insemination options, embryo transfer and when you may choose to use it, as well as how we can help if you have a problem mare.

This webinar is broken down into the following questions: -

  1. Is my mare suitable for breeding?
  2. Where do I start with breeding my mare?
  3. What is involved in the process of breeding a mare?
  4. When is my mare suitable for breeding?
  5. What are my options for breeding my mare?
  6. All about natural cover as a breeding method.
  7. All about artificial insemination (AI) using fresh semen, as a breeding method.
  8. All about artificial insemination (AI) using chilled semen, as a breeding method.
  9. All about artificial insemination (AI) using frozen semen, as a breeding method.
  10. What happens after the insemination attempt?
  11. How can I tell if the insemination has worked?
  12. What if my mare has twins?
  13. What are the follow up scans and how do they work?
  14. What is embryo transfer and why would I need it?
  15. How does embryo transfer work?
  16. Who can perform embryo transfer?
  17. What about problem mares?
  18. What is a hysteroscopy?

We hope that this has answered most of your queries, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone on 01725 518309, or via email at office@pinkhamequine.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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